VIP Club: Very Impressive Puppeteers!

Join the VIP club and become a Very Impressive Puppeteer!

2021-2022 Membership:  $72/year or $25/trimester (January-April/May-August/September-December)

The VIP club has two groups: VIP for elementary aged school kids, and VIP2 for middle and high school.

Your VIP membership includes:

– Facebook page updates and photos of our activities
– Monthly meetings to showcase and play with our puppets at a local park
– A puppet related service project. 2 service projects
– The opportunity to join in at least one field trip to a professional puppet show.  Cost of the show will be extra, but we should be able to get a reduced group rate.
– Optional workshop opportunities
– Priority and reduced rate for summer camp enrollment
Our theme for 2021 is:  Virtual Puppets!
Until it is deemed safe, we will hold our monthly meetings virtually on Zoom.  We will explore how to perform over the computer, including putting on a skit related to a Greek Myth. We will work on a variety of puppetry skills as we experiment with the virtual environment.
TO JOIN:  Email Nicole at and she will send you the Membership form.