Everyone should play! Yes, even you.

I recently enjoyed listening to a story on NPR’s TED Radio Hour.  The show was called “Press Play” and culled from 5 separate TED talks about the value of play.  In short, play is extermemly important to our development as decent, well rounded human beings, as well as for our health and happiness.  Play is crucial for children AND adults.  Play can help us relieve stress, form empathy, solve problems, build confidence, contribute to others’ happiness and enjoy our time on this earth!

I particularly enjoyed the segment on  Charlie Todd’s use of improvisatioal theater.  I strive for similar goals at Puppets A La Carte.  I wish to offer the viewer a space in which to enjoy a moment of levity, to wonder out loud, to laugh, to consider a new perspective, to start a conversation.  Simply put, a I offer a space to play.

So, revel in some reading, hone your hobby,  tinker on your truck, frolick with family… PLAY with some puppets, enjoy, have fun.

You can listen to the episode here: NPR’s TED Radio Hour: “Press Play”