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Our signature presentation begins with a short performance and continues as a highly interactive workshop.  The puppeteer introduces children/adults to several types of puppets.  Nicole then demonstrates how the puppets are used, gives tips for movement and voice techniques, and guides children/adults to use the puppets following prompts to create 2 minutes skits.



The customer chooses the puppets that will be featured and the theme that the show will embrace.  The puppeteer will gladly make suggestions.  Audience members are encouraged to play with puppets at the end of the show.  A three week advance notice is required to prepare the tailored theme.

$350/hour (depending on nature of preparation time)


Great for all ages.  Use puppets to start a conversation about topics of interest in your community – however you care to define “your community.”  Nicole will use Theater for Social Change techniques to engage participants in theatrical play that helps unearth topics of concern, celebration, and discussion.  If groups wish to continue the practice, Nicole will guide you in devising a unique performance using puppets.



Around the World with Puppets: A one hour introduction to various forms of puppetry (hand puppet, marionette, rod puppet, shadow puppet, giant puppets) from countries around the world.  This presentation asks for several student volunteers and allows all children to participate from their seats.  Ideal for groups as small as 5 children and up to 50 children.

$350 (optional small handmade caterpillar puppet for each child, add $1 per child)

Story Spirit: A one hour interactive story telling show using children’s choices of puppets as well as objects for object theater.


Characterization: In this one hour workshop, Nicole teaches upper elementary aged students about characterization.  Through an introduction to various puppets of her own, the children learn the elements of characterization that they can apply to their own creative work, or to analysis of fiction.  Classmates are divided into teams and circulate to a number of stations where they practice elements of characterization with a variety of puppet types.


Celebrate Lunar New Year: Learn about Lunar New year (aka Chinese New Year, Spring Festival).  Our giant home made dragon puppet will inspire children to imagine what they can make on their own as well as think about what the new year means to them.  Children stand under the dragon holding up hoops and marching forward to bring this mythic creature to life. One child or teacher can be chosen to lead the puppet in its movement with the “pearl of wisdom” topped staff. Other children can run along side with noise makers or other (quieter) decorations.



After a short performance, puppets chat with your guests, making the guest of honor feel special, read a story while children participate with props, and invite children to play with a whole box of puppets. Individual approaches will be considered.



Looking to add a little pizazz to your party?  Consider having one of our puppets mingle with your guests, or provide a short opening act. Got music? Our scarf marionette loves to dance.

Else, a 70 year old lady from the old world, enjoys reflecting out loud on her observations of life and likes to learn from the audience.

Other options possible.



I greatly enjoy working with theater people, teachers, and all puppet lovers to help incorporate puppetry in your work and play.  Send me an email and lets start a conversation!



Currently by invitation only.  Offered over summer break.  3 or 5 hours each day for 2 or 5 days.  Maximum of 10 children (or adults) per session.  Participants will learn about warming up body and voice for performances, will have the chance to play with my puppet collection, will make their own puppets, and create a short collaborative performance for their loved ones.

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