A visit to Castle View Elementary School

Today, April 30, is Dia de los ninos/Dia de los libros. How lucky I was to get to celebrate with children on their special day.

I had a wonderful morning today visiting with the second grade Dual Immersion students at Castle View Elementary School in Riverside, CA.

We began the day by waking up my giant scarf marionette as well as our imaginations!  Then we continued to feed our imagination by improvising a story together using puppets, objects, and special words that the children contributed.

Students helped me reach the imaginary ice cream stand so I could bring back a treat for my D.O.G (Dear Old Grumph).  On my journey I encountered puppets and strange objects with interesting properties and personalities that helped or challenged me in reaching the castle ice cream stand under a rainbow.  Whenever a student rang the bell, I had to freeze and incorporate one of their words related to: action, weather, sound, places, and feelings.

We finished up our celebration by making marionettes: mini Grumphs.

I was so impressed with the cooperation, imagination, and enthusiasm of these students.  I hope they had as much fun as I did!  I am also grateful to the many parent volunteers who helped the presentation run smoothly.

Happy Day of the Children/Day of the Books!